Bass Lumber Company was incorporated in 1946 by Chester Bass & Michael McGinn as a sawmill & planer operation.  After Mr. Bass passed away, Michael’s son Larry took over the reins in 1954 after his distinguished service in the Korean War.  Today Bass Lumber Company is a 3rd generation wooden pallet business located in Wetumpka, Alabama.

    Larry McGinn ran Bass Lumber Company for 58 years.  He operated & enlarged the sawmill until 1977.  A couple of years earlier he added a retail construction supply division to the business & the primary focus of Bass Lumber Company became supplying building material needs for the community.  Seeing another opportunity for expansion, Larry established a wooden pallet division in 1975, which was run by Jim Baker for the next 20 years.  Bass Lumber Company became a true family business in 1980 when his wife, Yvonne “Bunny” McGinn, joined the staff as bookkeeper.  The 3rd generation, Pat McGinn, joined his mother & father in 1994 to manage the pallet business.  A 4th generation, Patrick McGinn Jr., manages production of the saw lines.  Sadly, Larry passed away June 30, 2012; however, his kindness, warmth & positive attitude are still felt throughout Bass Lumber Company.

     Pat McGinn has guided Bass Lumber Company into a 3rd generation thriving wooden pallet business;  experiencing annual sales growth over 350% from 1994 to 2013  -  a time frame that included the devastation of Hurricane Katrina & the economic slump of 2009.  Under Pat’s leadership, Bass Lumber Company can produce 5000 pallets a day, has cut-end capability to produce the components necessary to manufacture those pallets & owns a fleet of tractors & trailers ready to deliver based on our customers unique needs.  Additionally, we offer heat-treatment satisfying IPPC-15 mandates.

     Bass Lumber Company has partnered with 3 area sawmills;  Central Alabama Wood Products (Nixburg), Wilton Wood Products (Wilton), & Castleberry Wood Products (Castleberry) to be fully integrated from logs to finished products, giving Bass Lumber Company an uncommon ability to offer quality industrial lumber & pallets to satisfy customer needs.

     Bass Lumber Company is committed to providing quality products, unmatched service & competitive pricing at all times.  Our industry affiliations include the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA) and Timber Products Inspection, Inc. (TPI); & reflects the NWPCA’s slogan that “Pallets Move The World”.